What on Earth is Wintertrip?

If you’re familiar with Braxton you’re likely familiar with the brand Summertrip.

Many of you fell in love with our passion fruit Berliner Weisse, celebrating everything that’s great about the summer season. In fact, in the Cincinnati area it was one of the fastest growing beer brands this year! We have been thrilled with its performance, but knew that as the temperatures change the summer celebration also comes to an end.

With this in mind, at the beginning of the year we tasked Evan and our product team to create the next beer in our “Trip Series.” They went hard to work – starting in January over at Labs releasing Braxton Labs Kiwi and Braxton Labs Pear “Battle of the Berliners” – both incredible Berliner Weisse beers but at the end of their test the voting was so close that we didn’t feel either should make its way to the big production stage.

The next step was to sit in a room and talk about everything we love about winter beers and where we thought an opportunity could exist, and that conversation was fascinating. The bulk of the beers released in the winter time are big, high ABV, sometimes spiced, but mostly darker in style. Don’t get me wrong, we absolutely love these styles! Blown Gasket our Robust Porter has become a fan favorite since we’ve been open, but the team really wanted to be different with this release. We really wanted to stand out from that “typical winter beer” trend. So we started talking about some of our favorite things to do in the winter – and inevitably the group started talking about all the trips they would take to escape the cold.

Then, right there, it hit us.

The next beer in the Trip Series would celebrate the state of mind of escaping the weather. The brewing team took the base Berliner Weisse of Summertrip – and started to play with different fruits, finally nailing it with a vibrant, tropical flavor – Pineapple!

So I’m thrilled to share that Wintertrip Pineapple Berliner Weisse will be available starting in Late October all the way through February – it’s a celebration of getting out of the cold and giving you your passport to pineapple paradise! It’s delicious, it’s different and I can’t wait for you to try it.

I’m so proud of Evan and the team for this product – the intention to bring something to life that doesn’t exist with the caveat that its following one of the most successful brands in the midwest was no easy feat. This is exactly why Braxton Labs works, and why it exists – you get to help us in product development, by actually voting, by providing feedback on social media, and by what you buy in the taproom. This is what innovation is all about – a delicious, tropical, slightly sour beer to celebrate the desire for warmer temperatures.

Take a sip, take a trip and escape to your paradise. 

– Jake