What is a Brut IPA?!

This Friday, we’re tapping a Brut IPA at Braxton Labs! You can join the event here. Before drinking our newest innovation, we had one of our brewers explain the inspiration and the style in-depth. Learn more from Brad below:

A few months ago, I was in San Diego visiting my girlfriend’s family. Her brother, a beer lover as well, took all of us to a Modern Times tasting room. There I had a Rose IPA; a fruity, bright, and delicate beer that I fell in love with. When grapes and grains (Wine and Beer) collide, fun things can happen.

A few weeks later I was reading about this new style of beer that was big in San Francisco called a Brut IPA.

Dry. Pale. Bubbly. Hoppy.

As I love all of those things I figured it was time to convince Zac at Braxton Labs that we needed to brew one. After some careful recipe formulation and lots of research we were ready to roll. Using a lower mash temperature and an enzyme called Amyloglucosidase, we were able to turn almost everything in there fermentable. Hopped late but generously and dry hopped with 2 lbs/barrel of Hallertau Blanc and just a smidge of Galaxy.

This new rendition of the ever-changing IPA landscape is crystal clear, light in color, dry as a bone, and bursting with hop aroma. Not west coast, nor new england-style, this new Brut IPA featuring notes of melon and lemongrass, is carving its own path to hoppy enlightenment!