Introducing the Dark Charge Cakebox

Every December, we celebrate the year by releasing the single biggest beer we produce – Dark Charge. This barrel aged imperial stout celebrates all that’s great about the craft beer community and we welcome the entire city to celebrate with us. This year we toast to five years of Dark Charge Day with our very own confection collection of bourbon barrel aged imperial pastry stouts! After all… what’s a party without dessert?

We are proud to introduce The Cakebox by Braxton Brewing Company. Arriving fresh from the barrel on December 7th, this handcrafted trio of imperial pastry stouts is aimed to satisfy your sweet tooth!

In The Cakebox you’ll find the rich, delectable tastes of German Chocolate Cake, White Chocolate Raspberry and Bananas Foster. This incredibly limited box set will retail for $60 and be available only at Dark Charge Day 2019.

Dark Charge German Chocolate Cake

german chocolate cake

Adjuncts — Cocoa Nibs, Coconut, Almond, Vanilla Bean

13.0% ABV

The Dark Charge German Chocolate Cake is a big, bold barrel aged stout aged on cocoa nibs, coconut, and vanilla beans to bring forward the delectable flavors and harmony of a traditional German Chocolate Cake.

The beer is finished with a top note of almond extract to bring forward the slight nuttiness that this German dessert is known for. The roast and stone fruit flavors that Dark Charge is known for meld with this timeless classic to recreate a liquid version of a historic dessert.

Dark Charge White Chocolate Raspberry

white chocolate raspberry

Adjuncts — Raspberry, Cocoa Nibs, Vanilla Bean

12.4% ABV

The barrel aged beauty was designed after the most beloved bundt cake – the white chocolate raspberry bundt. Taking more than 1.5 pounds per gallon of Fresh Oregon Raspberries and refermenting with Barrel Aged Dark Charge, this imperial pastry stout brings forward notes of freshly cut raspberry and notes of jam. These flavors and aromas compliment the roast and stone fruit flavors of Dark Charge.

Once fermentation is complete, this stout has purple hues and then is conditioned on more than 12 pounds of freshly cut Grade A Madagascar Vanilla beans and cocoa nibs tying together a medley of your favorite Bundt cake.

Dark Charge Bananas Foster

bananas foster

Adjuncts — Banana, Cinnamon, Vanilla Bean

13.2% ABV

Dark Charge Bananas Foster is racked out of barrels and on top of more than 2 pounds per gallon of freshly pureed bananas and then refermented. Once that process has been completed, this banana forward barrel aged imperial stout is aged on Grade A Madagascar vanilla beans and cinnamon to tie together this timeless classic.

Harmonious notes of cinnamon, vanilla, bananas, from the heavy handed adjunct additions pair perfectly with the caramel, vanilla, and roasty notes Dark Charge is known for.


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