Get to Know Dark Charge 2018

We are 4 DAYS away from Dark Charge Day!

And we couldn’t be more excited for the day to come. Dark Charge – our massive bourbon barrel aged imperial stout has always been one of our favorite beers to brew and drink, and it has become one of our most sought after releases. In addition to the base bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout, since 2015 we’ve been creating “variants” of Dark Charge. Renditions of Dark Charge infused with ingredients that compliment the already present flavors within the beer. In the past we’ve crafted variants like S’mores, Toasted Coconut, even Tiramisu. This year we’ve taken inspiration from Dark Charge past, and as usual – we’re bringing new heat to the Dark Charge game. Learn more about each variant below!

We’re excited to present you with 4 exquisite variants of Dark Charge for 2018!

  • Dark Charge – Molé
  • Dark Charge – Mandarin 
  • Dark Charge – Coffee & Vanilla
  • LABS Dark Charge – Pineapple & Poblano
  • 3 Year Vertical Tasting Collection

Each of these variants has been meticulously crafted to specifications set by our brewing team, and we’re thrilled to share them with you on Dark Charge Day – December 1st, 2018. Here is some info about our 2018 Dark Charge variants!


The base barrel aged stout with cinnamon, ancho chillies, vanilla beans and cocoa nibs. These four ingredients pair together in perfect harmony with this barrel aged stout. Bringing notes of freshly ground cinnamon, a faint and subtle heat from the chilies on the back palate, chocolate and vanilla to round out notes of bourbon, oak, and the stouts roast.


The base stout, Dark Charge, aged in Heaven Hill Rye Whiskey barrels. A unique spiciness is brought to the stout from the rye of the whiskey that once aged in these barrels. The spiciness brings a nice addition to the chocolate and roast notes already in the beer. Freshly zested mandarin oranges and cocoa nibs are added to bring forward an aroma and flavor that is reminiscent of a freshly cut, chocolate covered orange.

Coffee & Vanilla:

Dark Charge aged in bourbon barrels with heavy handed additions of Carabello Coffee Tandem Espresso Roast Coffee and Premium Grade A Madagascar Vanilla Beans. Strong notes of freshly sliced vanilla beans and freshly roasted coffee dominate this barrel aged stout. These two additions compliment the stouts notes of dark stone fruits and malt complexity.

Barrel Aged:

This barrel age stout features deep aromas of stone fruits such as plums that pairs nicely with the notes of coffee and roast. The bourbon barrel character brings for smooth notes of vanilla, toffee, and caramel that complement the beers overall heavy mouth feel. A perfect harmony of complex roasted malt stout character with the delicate notes of bourbon and oak.

Labs – Pineapple & Poblano:

Our base bourbon barrel-aged stout aged for one year in barrels. Then re-fermented on fresh pineapples and conditioned on smoked poblano peppers. This smokey and sweet variant was crafted by our “scientists” at Braxton Labs, and approved by all at Braxton. Tropical fruit flavors come to life within this dark and delicious stout, the pineapple and stone fruit flavors compliment each other perfectly, while the smokiness and subtle spice from the hand smoked poblanos bring a welcome balance to this massive imperial stout.

3 Year Vertical Tasting Collection: 

It all started when we gleaned 2 lone barrels of 2015 and 2016 Dark Charge from our warehouse. We tasted liquid from each barrel and realized we had something golden on our hands. So we decided to create a special edition taster’s collection unlike anything else in craft beer. This special project contains 3 bottles of Dark Charge base BBA inside a beautiful wooden case. Each bottle barrel aged longer than the last. One from 2015, one from 2017, and one very special batch of 2018 Dark Charge aged one year in freshly dumped Four Roses barrels. Each bottle has slightly different tasting characteristics due to the differing aging durations, and we were delighted with how they turned out.

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