Dark Charge Year 6 First Four Variants Revealed!

As we inch closer to December 5th, it’s time to release the core variants for Dark Charge Day 2020! This year, some fan favorites make their return, the Braxton Builders chose a stout staple with a twist, and Braxton Labs introduces a delicious Italian dessert classic.

We’re so excited to announce the variants, but want to ensure you’re aware of the new process taking place this year for bottle sales. To have a safe and enjoyable Dark Charge Day, bottle sales will take place online in the Braxton Store over the next three weeks. We intend to release the variants for sale in three waves at the dates below. You will have the option of deciding which taproom you want to pick your pre-order up in, and while the bottles will be available for sale in November, none can be picked up until Dark Charge Day on Saturday, December 5th. 

The key dates to circle in your calendar: Note we’ll have more details on these days as we get closer:

  • Thursday 11/19
  • Monday 11/23
  • Friday 11/27 

We know this is a bit different than in years past, but we want to be sure that everyone has a fair shot at buying bottles and that we avoid the lines on Dark Charge Day to maintain a safe environment.

Now let’s get to the fun part… Introducing the first four variants of Dark Charge Day 2020!

Barrel Aged Dark Charge

This barrel age stout features deep aromas of stone fruits such as plums that pairs nicely with the notes of coffee and roast. The bourbon barrel character brings for smooth notes of vanilla, toffee, and caramel that complement the beers overall heavy mouth feel. A perfect harmony of complex roasted malt stout character with the delicate notes of bourbon and oak.

Double Molé

The Builders Variant this year is a fun twist on the classic mole we make every year. It is the base barrel aged stout with double the cinnamon, double the ancho chillies, double the vanilla beans and double the cocoa nibs that we usually add to this delicious variant. These four ingredients pair together in perfect harmony with this barrel aged stout. Bringing notes of freshly ground cinnamon, a subtle heat from the chilies on the back palate, chocolate and vanilla to round out notes of bourbon, oak, and the stouts roast.


Dark Charge Labs Affogato is our homage to the delicate and delicious Italian dessert that sees fresh brewed espresso poured over vanilla bean gelato. This bourbon barrel aged imperial stout starts with classic Dark Charge flavor profile of rich chocolate, roasted malts, and luscious oak and bourbon. In this Labs variant we conditioned a handful of Dark Charge barrels with freshly processed Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans. Late additions of cold brew coffee – brewed in house using an espresso roast from our friends at Coffee Emporium – and milk sugar create a sweet and creamy body with huge, lasting notes of rich and roasted espresso. What we get in the end is a delectable stout that balances sweet dessert and smooth espresso.

Peach Brandy 

Aged for an average of 10 months in single use Kentucky bourbon barrels then racked into freshly dumped peach brandy barrels and aged for an additional 6 weeks. This imperial stout was aged in bourbon barrels for 10 months, and then spent an additional 4 weeks in a peach brandy barrel. It has roasty notes of coffee, caramel, and oak. The most forward aroma comes from the peach brandy barrel, that imparts a light sweetness. The peach aroma gives way to a subtle flavor to balance the roasty malts and lingering bitterness.

These first four variants go on sale at our online store starting Thursday, November 19th, mark your calendars and plan accordingly!

So, how’s that for a reveal so far? Visit DarkChargeDay.com and join the event on Facebook to keep up with latest news and updates for our biggest and boldest event of the year. We just might have a few more surprises up our sleeve!