Dark Charge Year 5 Variants Revealed!

As we inch closer to December 7th, it’s time to release the core variants for Dark Charge Day 2019! This year, some fan favorites make their return, the Braxton Builders chose a stout staple, and Braxton Labs introduces a new spin on a classic bourbon cocktail. 

Dark Charge Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

13.0% ABV

The one steady Dark Charge variant in the five years since we started is our Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout. This bold constant serves as the base for all of our innovative and tasty variants every year. You can expect deep aromas of stone fruits such as plums that pair nicely with the notes of coffee and roast.

The bourbon barrel character offers smooth notes of vanilla, toffee, and caramel that complement the beers overall heavy mouth feel. This year’s Dark Charge BBA is a perfect harmony of complex roasted malt stout character with the delicate notes of bourbon and oak.

Dark Charge Bourbon Barrel Aged Molé

Adjuncts — Ancho Chile, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Cocoa

13.0% ABV

Sometimes embracing comfort can be the most delicious. Making its triumphant return for the third year in a row is the Dark Charge Molé — one of the most requested Dark Charge variants ever!

As many loyal Dark Charge fans know (and come to expect), Molé has notes of freshly ground cinnamon, a faint and subtle heat from the chilies on the back palate and chocolate and vanilla to round out notes of bourbon, oak, and the stout’s roast.

Dark Charge Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Breakfast

Adjuncts — Coffee, Cocoa, Maple, Vanilla

13.0% ABV

For year 5, the Braxton Builders voted on a time-honored stout flavor — maple breakfast! Wake up your palette with the familiar flavors of coffee, chocolate, maple, and vanilla in this brand new Dark Charge Variant.

As you drink the Builder’s Variant, you will find strong coffee aromas that are balanced by the harmony of maple syrup, cocoa nibs and vanilla beans.

Dark Charge Bourbon Barrel Aged Luxardo Cherries & Citrus

Adjuncts — Luxardo Cherries, Mandarin Oranges

14.2% ABV

This variant was brewed in the lab to transcend time and tradition. The Dark Charge coming out of Braxton Labs in 2019 is an homage to a classic American cocktail — the old fashioned. A legacy and spirit live on in this robust 14.2% ABV imperial stout. Racked out of barrels into a fermenter with more than half of a pound per gallon of the original maraschino cherry, The Luxardo.

Here you’ll find luscious, deep notes of cherry and subtle sweetness. Before bottling, the beer is conditioned on freshly zested orange and lemon peel to be reminiscent of your favorite bourbon cocktail, The Old Fashioned.

We can’t wait to share all of these exciting variants with you on Saturday, December 7th. Join the Facebook event today so you don’t miss any more news, and stay tuned this month to our social channels and darkchargeday.com for a few more exciting surprises for our Winter Block Party.

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