Hop Fit Low-Cal IPA, Now in 12-Packs!

We released an epic IPA last year, and while it definitely deserved to headline news, the lockdown dominated the cycle. Hop Fit has already become a go-to for many, but we’re using this new package release to give this crushable beer the introduction it deserves. Clocking in at just 100 calories and 5g of carbs, we’re excited to bring Hop Fit Low-Cal IPA back in to the spotlight. Now available in 12-packs!

When the team decided to create a low-cal/low-carb IPA, the goal was simple: create a beer that tastes as good as our favorite IPAs, but isn’t as filling as some of the heavy hitters in the category. This refreshing, low-cal IPA is brewed for the hop lover but has few calories and carbs to fit your lifestyle just right. 

Expertly balanced with tropical notes of pineapple, mango, and citrus, this IPA is dry-hopped with citra, galaxy and mosaic hops (same as your favorite New England IPA Tropic Flare!) to expose an aroma of citrus, pine and stone fruit. The result is a crisp taste and effervescent mouthfeel with only 100 total calories.

Hop Fit Low-Cal IPA

4.0% ABV | 25 IBU | 100 Calories | 5g Carbs
12-pack 12oz Slim Cans

“This IPA is the product of countless hours of test batching and iterating on our recipe. We have a determined team of brewers who wanted to put out a beer that satisfies IPA-lovers with a clear focus on balance and drinkability,”  said Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Evan Rouse. “Hop Fit is special because it truly can stand on its own as a great IPA in our lineup, but it also has the added benefit of being fewer calories and carbs.” 

Beginning this week, you’ll be able to find Hop Fit 12-packs in all markets where Braxton is sold. Pro-tip, you can use our beer finder to locate the latest in low cal IPAs near you!

(This could be you, smize included)