Building Garage Beer: How We Got Here and Where We Came From

We’re celebrating the release of Garage Beer this Friday, August 24th starting at 5pm in the Taproom at Braxton! Garage Beers & Bands is a celebration of the journey we’ve been on in the creation of Garage Beer. One of our favorite local bands – The Grove will be playing a set in the Garage, and for a very limited time you’ll be able to try Garage Beer on tap. 15pk cans will also be available for purchase.


Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Evan Rouse has had Garage Beer on his mind for years, even if he didn’t know what kind of beer it was yet! We asked Evan about the journey to creating Garage Beer, and about where his inspiration came from. Read about Evan’s drive to create Garage Beer here:

When asked to write this blog post about our newest release; Garage Beer, I was really excited for a lot of different reasons. There were a lot of nuances and complex hurdles to overcome in  perfecting the product, creating a beautiful brand, making sure we could nail a 15 pack at the correct price point to the end user, as well as creating a product from a process standpoint that didn’t kill our production capacity and ability to produce all of our other year round products. With all of these factors in mind our team went to work. Not only did the brand and the product turn out beautifully, I believe the excitement and momentum from our team is truly contagious, primarily due to working together to overcome so many hurdles.

Let’s rewind a bit… Why a premium lager and why in 15 packs? These questions get asked quite frequently, but my answers are typically reversed. It was the 15 pack first and then the idea of a premium lager. I have been wanting to release a 15 pack from Braxton since we started canning for several reasons. One, I have loved the package size since Founders released All Day IPA in 15 packs at an extremely attractive price. Moreover, when we were under construction before we opened it was not uncommon the days would end with Conan, Richard, Jake, Greg, Dave and I all taking a deep breath, taking a step back and taking it all in over a couple All Day IPA’s.

As to why a premium lager? That is an excellent question. We had the name picked out for what would go in the 15 pack long before we had the beer. “Garage Beer.” The perfect beer to hangout with friends in your garage, stuff your fridge full of, sip on after mowing the lawn or while wrenching on your car. With all of these scenarios – things that I do quite frequently, it made perfect sense to be a lager. A beer for everyone, a beer for everyday. A beer that isn’t heavy or bitter, but still has flavor and takes a lot of finesse to produce.

I was also watching trend data and seeing an uptick in craft lager. While not the fastest growing category in craft, it was in the top 3 when we made the decision to go with a sessionable, crushable lager. This is a style of beer that Braxton has become known for and has the talent and expertise to really nail. The time had come to bring Garage Beer 15 packs to life in a big way, so we went to work.

It is an ongoing joke around here that Garage Beer is “my baby” as it is the most excited I have been for a release since Dark Charge every year. And it is really true. From the naming convention to the branding and most importantly the liquid that is inside – this entire project came together with the help of everyone at Braxton. Now that it is finally here, we are rallying together to really launch this product in a big way.

Keep your eye out for some really awesome merch that will be coming online soon as well as cans in local bars and restaurants and don’t forget the 15 packs at your favorite local retailer. I know my cooler and refrigerator will be stuffed with this throughout fall and the holiday season, I highly recommend you do the same!

I think my favorite thing about this product is seeing the entire team here at Braxton truly rally behind it and enjoy it. Seeing people head to the cold box to grab a can at the end of their shift, instead of at the bar to grab a pint is something that will never get old. I can honestly tell you, after a long day of brewing, an ice cold Garage Beer really hits the spot. It really is the everyone’s, everyday, everywhere beer.

– Evan