Braxton Labs Beer Science Fair: Firkin Profile: Brad Brooks

Beer Science Fair is an event to celebrate creativity, innovation, and individualism within the craft brewing industry. 9 of our brewers have put their noses to the grindstone to come up with firkins for testing and judging by YOU at Beer Science Fair on September 29th at Braxton Labs.

We’re very excited about the beers that our brewers have been working on, and we’re looking forward to sharing them with you! The first brewer from Braxton that will be submitting a firkin to Beer Science Fair is Brad Brooks. Brad is a lead brewer here at Braxton, and he’s been a crucial piece of the puzzle in crafting of some of your favorite Braxton beers during his tenure here. We asked Brad some questions about his firkin submission. Read more below!

Brad, What’s your role at Braxton?
Lead Brewer

Can you describe your beer/firkin?
Rosé Cider with fresh orange Juice, bitter and sweet orange peels, and fresh orange juice.

What inspired you to in creating this beer for the Science Fair?
The Cosmopolitan cocktail. I was walking to our day time bartender, Amber Flachs and told her I wanted to do something with Kickback Rosé cider and she reminded me of the Cosmo. I thought it sounded like a great idea and decided to roll with it.

Why are you excited about your firkin?
I love the idea of a cocktail inspired firkin. Bartending put me through school, so it was fun to play around with different ingredients for this small batch. I want to go for a balanced taste so hopefully it works out.

What’s been your favorite Braxton beer/Braxton Labs beer this year and why?
Jam Session and Grodziskie. Jam session was a really awesome session IPA. It had a super dank and citrus aroma and flavor which I absolutely loved. I also love smoked beers. Grodziskie – the polish champagne that Zac kicked out was absolutely dynamite, and at 3.5% ABV you could really knock them back.

Why do you think your firkin will win the blue ribbon?
As long as I beat Andrew Bird I’ll be happy!

We’re thrilled for the Braxton Labs Beer Science Fair to make its return in 2018. Seeing our brewers craft these remarkably unique beers makes us proud to work alongside such creative and inspired folks.

Beer Science Fair takes place on September 29th at Braxton Labs.
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