Braxton Labs Opening Thursday, June 25th!

Hello fellow beer scientists! We’re thrilled to finally have a plan nailed down to a science on reopening our space. Like HQ in Covington and the Barrel House in Fort Mitchell, we’ll have some special processes and safety measures in place to keep both our staff and our customers safe. These measures can be found below. Please read up and get ready to lift one to life in the lab! 

Hours of Operation

Monday & Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 3pm to 8pm
Thursday: 3pm to 9pm
Friday & Saturday: 12pm to 10pm
Sunday: 12 pm to 7pm


Since Braxton Labs is a bit of a smaller location than Barrel House or Braxton, capacity will be more limited. We are asking that guests wear masks, and check in with a bartender at the main Labs entrance in the beer garden to be seated at a table. We have eliminated bar seating for the time being, so you may choose between the beer garden and the taproom tables for seating. We do ask that once you are seated, please only leave your table to order beer, use the restrooms, or exit Braxton Labs.


Once you are seated, you will be able to scan a QR code located on your table to view the beer menu. Once you’ve made your selections, approach the bar to order and receive your beer. You may open or close out a tab at the designated ordering queue at the bar. Please wear a mask while ordering. Drinks will be served in single use plastic ware to eliminate the spread of germs.


At this time we will not be filling growlers brought in by our guests, however we will be able to fill growlers and crowlers purchased new from Braxton Labs. We will also have a selection of cans and bottles that guests may purchase to take home. To purchase to-go beer, see your bartender.

We’re absolutely thrilled to have our guests back to enjoy experimental beers only found at Braxton Labs. We ask that you keep the safety of our staff in mind as you make your return to our facilities. They are doing everything they can to keep our guests safe and provide an enjoyable craft beer experience across the board at all Braxton locations. Thank you for your patience and commitment to safety during this time. We hope to see you at Braxton Labs starting Thursday, June 25th at 3pm!


What is the maximum party size?Up to 8 people per group.
What are your taproom hours?Monday & Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 3pm to 8pm
Thursday: 3pm to 9pm
Friday & Saturday: 12pm to 10pm
Sunday: 12 pm to 7pm
Can we reserve tables?We are not taking reservations at this time.
Are children allowed?Yes! They must be accompanied at all times by an adult and remain at the table with their group.
Can we move tables?No. We have set up our taproom and beer garden to be a safe and sanitary socially distanced environment and ask that you please leave tables as they are.
Can we bring food?Yes, you may bring in outside food.
How do we get water?Water will be available from the bar. Please ask a bartender for water. 
Will limited Braxton Labs crowler releases be available to pick up at Braxton Labs?No. All online orders will be picked up from Braxton in Covington.
Where do I enter?There are two ways to enter Braxton Labs. The main entrance near the beer garden at the back of Party Source, or the main entrance from the front of Party Source. You may use either entrance.
What is your new capacity?30 people inside the taproom, 24 outside in the beer garden.
Where do I wait if you’ve reached seating capacity?Please wait in your car until we notify you to come in via phone. 
How do I get in line if you are full? Please see bartender to request a table.
Are dogs allowed?We are only allowing service animals inside or in beer garden at this time.
Are you accepting cash?Yes. Cash or Credit Card.
Do you have high chairs?No.
Do I have to stay at my table?Please remain seated unless you are getting a beer or using the restroom.
Do you allow smoking in the beer garden?No, there will be a designated smoking area away from the beer garden that you may use to smoke. Please do not smoke while seated in the beer garden. 
Can I purchase to-go beer?The only to-go beer will be in the form of crowlers and growlers. We will not have any Braxton cans in stock. 
Can I purchase merchandise?Yes. Please see your bartender to purchase merchandise from Braxton Labs.
Can we sit at the bar?Not at this time.
Can l open a tab?Yes.
Do I have to wait for my whole party before we are seated?Yes. Your entire party (of up to 8 people) must be present in order to be seated.
Are gift cards still allowed to be purchased?Yes. Please see a bartender to purchase gift cards.
Does the beer garden close in inclement weather?If you are in the beer garden and it starts to rain, you are not required to leave, but if you’d like to enter the taproom, please see a bartender. 
Can we move from the taproom to the beer garden, or vice versa? To move from the beer garden to the taproom, please see a bartender to request a table. 
Which restrooms can we use? If you are in the main taproom, please use the restrooms by exiting into party source and turning left. The restrooms will be down the hall. Please wear a mask when exiting to use the restrooms!