Braxton Community Shows Massive Support for Employee Relief Fund

We’ve always said that the people who make up the Braxton community are some of the best in beer, and these past seven weeks you’ve proved us right. In late March we put cellared bottles of our imperial stout – Dark Charge up for sale online under the condition that a portion of sales would be returned to our furloughed employees, and boy did our fans come through. It was one of our largest online sales days to date, and we couldn’t be more proud of the way our fans came together to support our team by way of beer.

The Braxton Family Relief Fund, which has been supported by hundreds of customers, alongside matching donations from partners and supporters, such as Stagnaro Distributing, the Northern Kentucky Homebrewers Guild, Scott Dorsey, Adam Weber and Michael Stich, amounts to nearly $25,000 – all of which will be returned to Braxton Brewing employees affected by the health crisis.

Our team is single handedly the most important part of our growing company. The toughest decision we ever had to make was to furlough a vast majority of them,” said Braxton CEO Jake Rouse. “The support from hundreds of customers throughout this trying time has completely reaffirmed our belief in that what we’re doing truly matters to this community. The matching grants from Stagnaro Distributing, the Northern Kentucky Homebrewers Guild, Scott Dorsey, Adam Weber, and Michael Stich allow us to make a significant impact on the lives of our team members.”

To date, the Braxton Family Relief Fund has enabled the brewery to offer direct payments to affected employees and continue to provide health insurance for all affectedemployees through May. The fund was created in conjunction with the Center for Great Neighborhoods – a501(c)3 Non-profit who’s mission serves to better the City of Covington.

We are so grateful for the support of our team from our community and of course, we can’t wait to be able to open our doors again to lift one to life.