Braxton Brewing Co. Covington Taproom & Rooftop Reopening!

Braxton fans, it’s our great pleasure to announce that we are reopening the rooftop and taproom in Covington to guests!  It’s very exciting for the entire Braxton family as we’ve been missing the usual post-workday beer and weekend spent with friends and family with a cold one in hand. The Braxton taproom and rooftop in Covington will open on June 11th, 2020! 

That being said, we are fully committed to the health and safety of both our team and our guests we will be doing things a bit differently than you may be used to. Please read below, and catch our video for a visual guide on how we’ll be running the show!

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Hours of Operation

Monday – Thursday: 3pm – 9pm

Friday & Saturday: 12pm – 11pm

Sunday: 12pm – 9pm

Taproom Entry

Welcome back! We’re excited to have you. To enter the taproom, please use the main entrance. Because we will have a limited capacity for the downstairs taproom (36), patio (20) and the Rooftop (53), we will be utilizing one of our team members as a host who will seat guests and parties. Both the taproom and the rooftop will be first-come first-serve as we reach capacity, and guests will be seated at a table by a host upon admission to the taproom. We are encouraging guests to wear masks upon entry, ordering, using the restrooms, and exiting the taproom. Masks may be removed when seated at a designated table.


To limit exposure and interaction of guests and staff, we will be eliminating bar seating for the time being. Instead, tables have been arranged to follow proper social distancing and guests can access a digital menu from their table. After you have been seated and have chosen what to order, you may approach the bar in the designated ordering area. Please wear a mask while ordering. Tabs can be opened and closed with cash and credit at the bar at any time. Drinks will be served in single use plastic ware.

The Rooftop

Access to the rooftop will be available via elevator only. Maximum capacity for our elevator will be 1 party at a time. Your taproom host will direct your party to the elevator which will take you directly to the rooftop where the seating and ordering structure will be similar to the taproom. Upon leaving the rooftop, please use the stairs to exit to 7th street. If you and your party wish to re-enter the taproom, you may do so via the main entrance.


What is the maximum party size?Up to 8 people per group.
What are your taproom hours?Monday – Thursday: 3pm – 9pm

Friday & Saturday:
12pm – 11pm

12pm – 9pm
Can we reserve tables?We are not taking reservations at this time.
Are children allowed?Yes! They must be accompanied at all times by an adult and remain at the table with their group.
Can we move tables?No. We have set up our taproom and rooftop to be a safe and sanitary socially distanced environment and ask that you please leave tables as they are.
Can we bring food?Yes, you may bring in outside food.
How do we get water?Water will be available from the bar via the queue line.
Is curbside pickup still open?Yes! You can pick up an online order any time we are open, but Monday and Tuesday are designated for curbside pickup only.
How do I order food from Parlor on Seventh?Food menus can be viewed by touchless menu available via QR code at each table. You can then place an order by calling 859-993-4700
Where do I enter?The Front Entrance on 7th Street.
Where do I wait if you’ve reached seating capacity?Please wait in your car until we notify you to come in via phone. 
When should I wear a mask? Please wear a mask when entering and exiting the taproom, as well as ordering and using the restroom. Masks may be removed when seated at designated tables.
How do I get in line if you are full? You may check with our host at the front entrance to see if we have seating available. If we are full, your name and phone number will be taken and you will be called when your party is ready to be seated!
Are dogs allowed?We are not allowing dogs at this time for safety purposes. We hope to see our favorite fur friends soon!
Are you accepting cash?Yes. Cash or Credit Card.
Do you have high chairs?Yes.
Do I have to stay at my table?Please remain seated unless you are getting a beer or using the restroom.
What is your capacity?36 in the taproom, 20 on the front patio, and 53 on the rooftop.
Do you allow smoking on the rooftop?No! Please do not smoke cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes, or anything else on the rooftop. If you wish to smoke, you may exit to 7th street to do so.
Will the rooftop close in bad weather?Yes, if it is raining the rooftop will close. Guests will be asked to exit the rooftop and enter the taproom. If we are at capacity, guests will be asked to wait for re-entry.
Can I purchase to-go beer?You can purchase to-go beer online while in the taproom, and pickup at the bar. 
Will crowlers or growlers be available?We will be offering to-go crowlers of our beers on draft, but won’t be filling growlers at this time.
Can I purchase merchandise?Yes. Online at Pickup at the bar.
Can we sit at the bar?Not at this time.
Can l open a tab?Yes.
Do I have to wait for my whole party before we are seated?Yes. Your entire party (of up to 8 people) must be present in order to be seated.
Are gift cards still allowed to be purchased?Yes. Please see a bartender to purchase gift cards.
Does the rooftop close in inclement weather?Yes. If you are on the rooftop and it starts to rain, please exit to 7th street for re-entry to the taproom. 
Can we move from the taproom to the rooftop, or vice versa? To move from the rooftop to the taproom, please exit via the stairs and see a host at the main entrance for re-entry. To move from the taproom to the rooftop, please see a host to request a move. 
Which bathrooms can we use? If you are in the main taproom, please use the restrooms on the first floor. If you are on the rooftop, please use the stairs to the second floor restrooms, and use the elevator from the second floor to get back to the rooftop.