Born at the Barrel House. Bred for Dark Charge Day.

Barrel-aging is a storied process that only the most skilled have mastered, a time-honored tradition that brings new life to the liquid that lies within the wood. The Braxton Barrel House represents our dedication to craft, rooted in the tradition of all things barrel-aged, and the passion for craft beer innovation.

With our annual Winter Block Party, Dark Charge Day, we knew that this unique facility should produce its own one-of-a-kind variant and that the liquid had to be something truly special.

We’re proud to introduce the Dark Charge Cognac Ex-Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout – a variant unlike anything we’ve brewed before.

Barrel House Dark Charge Variant - Dark Charge Cognac

Dark Charge Cognac Ex-Bourbon – 10.6% ABV

The barrels that housed this variant have quite a history – aging Kentucky bourbon for more than seven years before being emptied and being filled with a French cognac, these two spirits sharing same wood bring out harmonious notes of caramel, vanilla, chocolate, stone fruit, grape, spice, all with a pleasant touch of acidity.

The liquid these barrels aged is an imperial stout that melds beautifully with these notes and compliments the flavors these two spirits are known for with hints of roast, coffee, and chocolate. These barrels aged liquid for over ten years before being home to Dark Charge Cognac in the depths of the Braxton Barrel House Wood Cellar in Fort Mitchell, KY.

“Cognac ex-bourbon is an example of the creativity, innovation, and quality of what we can achieve at the Barrel House,” explains Co-Founder, Evan Rouse. “With the variety of our available barrels, we are opened up to endless possibilities of flavors and aromas gained from the vessel alone. This is a very special beer, that is worthy of the Barrel House’s first Dark Charge variant.”

We’re proud to present this fresh variant of Dark Charge, crafted and aged in the Braxton Barrel House. Dark Charge Cognac Ex-Bourbon is only available for purchase at Dark Charge Day on December 7th, 2019.


With Dark Charge Day just around the corner, there are only handful of VIP Tickets left for the Winter Block Party. While Dark Charge Day is a free-to-attend event, you can maximize your experience with benefits like exclusive VIP bottle sales, a private VIP area outside by the live music, and more. Pick up your VIP Ticket before they are gone!