You Spoke, We Listened

As the Hard Seltzer market continues to evolve, we’ve learned a lot. When we launched VIVE in 2018, our goal was clear – we wanted to position the brand to be the Hard Seltzer of professional sports. As such, we signed major sponsorships with the likes of the Bengals, the Blue Jackets, the Pacers and other major clubs. Unfortunately, the pandemic had different plans for the brand – canceling professional sports for the first time in a century and evaporating our marketing budget virtually overnight. In short, we knew we had to do something different.

So we went to work, and after a series of tests and trials with our customers, our team examined the data, listened to your feedback and landed on a consolidation plan for our seltzer flavors. Two carefully chosen and perfectly picked packages emerged: Introducing VIVE Hard Seltzer Favorites Pack and Variety 24-Pack. We’ve merged the flavors of the traditional VIVE Variety pack and VIVE Tailgate pack to create a new combination of cans in the VIVE Favorites Pack which includes: Dragon Fruit, Peach, Black Raspberry and Mango. Black Cherry and Blood Orange lovers don’t fret, these flavors, along with the four in the Favorites pack, can be found in the new Variety 24-pack. 

“When thinking about how your seltzer brand sits on the shelf, you really need to look at what your customers are telling you. We saw very clear indications from talking to our customers of what flavors were selling, and well, which ones weren’t,” shares Jake Rouse, CEO of Braxton Brewing. “Our variety packs have always been popular on shelf, but in an ever crowded marketplace, we have to constantly change to stand out.”

VIVE Hard Seltzer is the only hard seltzer on the market that tastes like real fruit and even better, is the only hard seltzer produced locally – not by a big beer company. Along with a real fruit taste, VIVE delivers a better-for-you alcoholic seltzer, at 100 calories per can, 2 grams of carbs, 5% alcohol, and is gluten-free. Find VIVE Favorites Variety Pack and the 24-pack in retailers near you or over at our online store! Not sure where to look? Try using our Product Finder to locate VIVE near you.

If you’ve made it this far, congrats – you’re the first to hear about some other exciting news coming for VIVE in the very near future (in addition to these first two changes.) Stay tuned seltzer lovers, you won’t want to miss this!

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