A Beer from the Past, Brewed for the Future.

From operating as a main trade point along the Ohio River, the Greater Cincinnati Area has a rich history in the beer industry. From the likes of Lewisburg Brewery, Phoenix Brewery, and Covington Brewing Company, Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky have made a major impact on the brewing scene in the Midwest. However there is one brewery whose legacy made a lasting impression on the city of Covington – Bavarian Brewing Company.

In 2017, our team at Braxton Brewing Company, revived the Bavarian Lager brand with a Select Lager that represented the Bavarian Brand heritage, but was a uniquely crisp take on the old style.

In 2020, we’re proud to announce that that Bavarian Select Lager is coming in 6-pack cans wherever Braxton beer is sold!

Bavarian Brewing Company employees

Northern Kentucky’s Brewing History

Established in 1866, the Bavarian Brewing Company grew to become the largest brewery in the state of Kentucky producing 216,000 barrels by 1914. The brewery event expanded in 1906 into the building standing on 12th Street now! Adapting with the times, Bavarian Brewing Company withstood prohibition by converting to production of soft drinks and was re-established itself as a brewery post-prohibition in 1947.

The brewery’s key beer brand, dubbed “Bavarian’s Old Style Beer” was a lager, much like those lagers you see on grocery and liquor store shelves today. After prohibition, between 1947 and 1952, the brewery was operating at a breakneck pace to meet the demand of its three key brands: Bavarian’s Old Style, Bavarian Master Brand and Bavarian Bock. Bavarian Brewing Company became a staple in Northern Kentucky.

In 1966, Bavarian Brewing Company was forced to close after struggling to compete with larger national brands with more distribution. 100 years after it was founded, the historic Covington brewery shut its doors for good.

Bavarian Beer mural in Covington

“We made Covington our forever home in 2018, and it was important to our whole team that we kept alive the rich brewing tradition of Northern Kentucky,” says Evan Rouse, Co-Founder & CPO of Braxton Brewing Company. “Not only is Bavarian Select Lager an amazing addition to our lineup, it gives a chance to honor the brewers that paved the way for Braxton.”

From the day the doors opened on 7th Street, to the first Dark Charge Day, to the day the Rooftop was opened, Braxton has made its community a top priority. When the Bavarian Lager brand was revived in 2017 with the Select Lager, there was always the opportunity to grow this brand in the spirit and tradition of the Bavarian Brewery.

Historical Bavarian cans

Celebrating the Past. Looking Towards the Future.

Three years after resurrecting the Bavarian Select Lager, we’re proud to continue our homage to the city of Covington by bringing this popular brand to cans. On Saturday, January 11th, we’re releasing these cans to the public for the very first time at the Bavarian Lager Can Release.

We’re throwing a party to celebrate our salute to Covington brewing culture. The day will include plenty of Bavarian Lager flowing from the taps, and you’ll have the opportunity to get ahold of 6-packs before they hit wide distribution! A limited edition Bavarian Lager Print will be available for those buying 6-packs (available while supplies last).

The party will also feature a soft pretzel bar from Wünderbar to pair with your beer! Starting at 7p we’ll be hosting live music from Root Cellar Xtract to keep the celebration rolling! To cap off our ode to Covington’s past, some historic pieces from the original Bavarian Brewery will be on display in the Taproom.

Opening a Bavarian Select Lager can

Braxton’s Bavarian Style Select Lager is a clean, refreshing light lager that features noble hops that drive enough flavor and bitterness to balance the base beer. It clocks in at a clean 4.0% ABV and 11 IBUs. Join us on Saturday, January 11th, and lift one to the past as we look toward the future!