Braxton Brewing Trophy Grants

It was just a trophy. A bit of gold colored plastic set atop a small wooden base. You probably got yours as a Cub Scout or maybe in Knothole baseball. And you gave it a place of honor on a shelf, where it would be joined by others as the years advanced. But now, when you remember that trophy you feel a rush of emotion, as you recall your moment of greatness. Or maybe the “get ‘em next year” response if greatness fell short. And now, we’re proud of the unseen things that trophy represents – the work, the sweat, the hours of practice under a hot sun. That’s how we feel as we salute our home, Northern Kentucky. We call this special pale ale Trophy. It’s brewed in honor of the people of this great region. Because they’re the genuine gold at the top of the trophy. May it never tarnish.

Each batch features a different hop profile and will only be brewed four times a year. Previous Trophies have featured Hull Melon, Galaxy, Amarillo and Palisade hops. The current version features Dr. Rudi. 5% of all Trophy sales are donated back into the Covington Community. Now that’s a great reason to lift one to life!

Congratulations Brewhaus Dog Bones!

The Brewhaus Bakery Co. is a not-for-profit company dedicated to providing vocational training for young adults with disabilities. Brewhaus Dog Bones are always handcrafted, small batch, oven baked dog treats made from whole grains proudly sourced from local microbreweries. The product supports fun, meaningful project based learning and work skill development to inspire and enable people to improve their lives and the world around them.

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