Born in a garage on Braxton Drive in Union, Kentucky, we are incredibly excited to be celebrating out history and innovation with this edition of our¬†Heritage Series — Union Saison.

A beautiful harmony of our garage born Level Saison barrel aged in French Oak wine barrels for over a year. This one is unique. Union is one worth celebrating. This beer will be celebrated in three different versions: Rouge, Blanc, and Bleu.

  1. Rouge (Red Wine Barrels): The soft balance of yeast driven esters and phenols that a saison is known for combined with the currants, cherries, and other fruit notes of the Cabernet Sauvignon. The union between the tannins from the French Oak and the delicate fruit flavors make the subtle tartness a perfect finish.
  2. Blanc (White Wine Barrels): Dominant floral notes combined with subtle tropical fruits fill the nose followed by a soothing tannic finish. French Oak Vidal Blanc barrels give Union a bright aroma and flavor allowing a nice warming finish, with earthy yeast characteristics that a saison is known for.
  3. Bleu (Blend of Red + White Barrels with Blueberries added): The aroma of blueberries combined with delicate sweet fruits, vanilla, and smooth tannins that Cabernet Sauvignon, Vidal Blanc, and French Oak are known for. A world of blended flavors each complimenting one another that allow the base style to shine through. A dry finish with a slight tartness that compliment the overall body and flavor of this farmhouse style saison.