Twisted Bit

Dortmunder Lager





Every tool has a life of its own. It has a history and a soul. (Yes, we actually believe that.) Some were forged to perform reliably, days after long days. Some were designed to give its life quickly, like that saw blade you sacrificed to the rusted bumper bolts. But that’s a lot like you, isn’t it – you were designed to do something unique. And even if you haven’t yet found your thing, we raise this Twisted Bit Dortmunder to you. This is a crisp, refreshing true pale lager that the Dortmund region of Germany has enjoyed for countless generations. It’s brewed for those that see effort and honor in a twisted bit, rather than the flaw.

This traditional German style lager has the malt profile of a Helles and the hop character of a Pilsner, but is slightly stronger than both. The minute addition of common minerals to the brewing water, and the longer traditional decoction mash impart a crisp and remarkable balance between the malt complexity and the subtle bitterness.

Year Round | Can • Draft