The Revamp Process


  1. An act of improving the form, structure, or appearance of something.
    1. A new and improved version.

It can be hard to say goodbye, sometimes. There is certainly a sense of mourning around the brewery (admittedly, it’s mixed with a healthy dose of excitement). As previously announced, Crank Shaft, the IPA that has been a mainstay around these parts since we opened in March of 2015, is gracefully bowing out. But lucky for you, we are replacing it with something even better! Meet Revamp.


When our brewing team sat down with the intention of making a new IPA, we quickly realized that it was going to take more than changing a hop addition or subbing in some specialty malt. Knowing that the IPA market is showing no signs of slowing down, we wanted to make an IPA that fit the tropical flavor profile that is being sought out by hopheads (including ourselves!) across the country. So instead of aiming to correct Crank Shaft, we started from scratch.

The first thing we did was aim for a change in appearance. By dropping the crystal malt and using some lighter specialty grains, we veered away from the copper color of Crank Shaft and towards a beautiful straw color that really screams drinkability.

Next, we changed its form. By adjusting our mash pH and our water profile, we were able to create an IPA that is reasonably dry, but has a full body and soft finish.

Lastly, we changed its structure by changing the way we brew IPAs. We switched up the mash schedule to ensure a dry finish and good head retention. We moved to a 60 minute boil to avoid sweetening the beer with a process call “wort caramelization.” We even changed our hop varieties and the timing of our additions to ensure an IPA that is bursting with tropical/citrus flavors and aromas without a harsh bitterness.
So get out and grab Crank Shaft while you still can, but rest easy in knowing that Revamp, our new and improved IPA, is hot on its heels. We are confident that you’ll be making room in your fridge for another fantastic local IPA!