Stout & Pretzels Ice Cream,
Inspired by Dead Blow

After the teaming up with the Graeter’s team to make an ice cream inspired beer, we all agreed that a beer inspired ice cream would a great next step. We had several meetings to determine what beer to use that would really come through as an ice cream base, and landed on Dead Blow.

Dead Blow, our tropical stout, has such a unique flavor and we had a lot of fun trying to replicate it as an ice cream. Dead blow uses dates to drive a fruitiness that pairs great with the base beer. In working with Bob Graeter, we wanted to create a base ice cream flavor that was reminiscent of beer, and have a touch of date/fruit characteristic that is similar to the beer. We actually add malt syrup to the ice cream to give it the maltiness and replicate the back bone of the beer. In addition, we added a roasted malt syrup that gave it the darker color, and notes of chocolate/roasted malts.

We went through several variations of recipes, test batching and, of course, a lot of taste testing.  The base ice cream was phenomenal, but we all agreed that an inclusion would make it even better. The Graeter’s team was able to source chocolate covered salted pretzel pieces that give the ice cream not only a secondary flavor, but also a great texture. The saltiness really adds a nice twist as well!

In short, our partnership with the Graeter’s family had another product added to it — this time an ice cream! This project was a blast to work on and a great learning experience, as the ice cream making process is much different than that of the beer making process, it was cool to be apart of and see an idea come to life. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!  

Stout & Pretzels can be found at your local Graeter’s scoop shop and in our taproom while supplies last!