Revamp: Hard Work & Having the Guts to Change

Hovering north of 28% of all of Craft beer volume, it’s no doubt that the India Pale Ale (IPA) and all of its variants are incredibly important in the industry. Between west coast IPA’s, North East IPA’s, Imperial IPA’s, wet hop, fruit, black, and coffee IPA’s, there is something for every unique hop lover at heart.


When we opened our doors two years ago, we aimed to take a different approach to this iconic style. We created Crankshaft to be an incredibly balanced, pine forward IPA in a world focused on hop-bombs. As you’ve read, even in the Wall Street Journal, the hop shortage is real, so to accomplish this, we used a balance of hops that we could buy to develop these flavors.

Our intention was simply to offer a different take on the style, and for some time Crank Shaft was a welcomed, differentiated IPA. Yet as we grew quickly, our need for these hops outpaced our ability to buy them. We turned to the secondary market to make up the difference and learned the hard way that not all hops are created equal.

The fluctuation in flavor profiles of our hops drove various changes to the flavors you would  enjoy in Crank Shaft. One batch would be pine forward, one batch would be citrus forward. From day one we’ve been committed to quality, and the first step to a quality product is a consistent one. Therefore we made the decision that Crank Shaft had to go — but what would replace it?

It’s never easy saying goodbye to a brand. Especially a brand that we’ve had since we opened. Crank Shaft was our first IPA, so we had to all be thrilled with what would replace it. The brewing team went to work, and over the past seven months creating new IPAs. After each batch, we would put it to the ultimate test — a blind taste panel against a handful of national, regional, and local brands we adored.

Just a month ago, the last test batch was complete and finally Revamp was born. Revamp is our take on a citrus-forward IPA. With a lighter color and body, this beer clocks in at 6.5% ABV and drinks incredibly smooth. Just like in the garage where you work on things to give them new life, Revamp is our first true test to continually push our creative juices forward.
Revamp will release on draft and in package next week, and we simply can’t wait for you to try it. Because perfection is the combination of hard work and having the guts to change.