Meet the Scientist: Adam Rauckhorst

It’s a grown up science fair…a BEER Science Fair! Braxton Labs is our space dedicated to innovation and experimentation. That’s what we’ll be doing at our Beer Science Fair on Saturday, September 30th.


Our brewing team (eight strong) plus seven guest breweries have conducted experiments and we need your help judging them!

Beginning at noon, we’re turning the beer garden into a Beer Science Fair at Braxton Labs. You can get a single taster for $3 or 10 tasters for $25. You’ll get to vote for your favorite Braxton beer and we’ll announce the winner at the end of the day. But unlike those boring science fairs of your younger years, we’ll have live music, local food, lots of beer and more. Below, meet our resident Mad Scientist, Adam!

Q: What’s your name and role at Braxton? 

Head Brewer

Q: Briefly describe your beer/firkin? 

I am making a pepper-infused stout. The firkin will contain ancho chiles as well as freshly roasted poblanos and jalapenos.

Q: What inspired your firkin?

I have always enjoyed what peppers can bring to a beer, but I think often these types of beers focus solely on heat, and I want to provide a balance of heat, smoke, and fruitiness in a full-bodied beer like a stout, whose flavors can stand up to the strong character of peppers.

Q: What’s your favorite Braxton beer and Braxton Labs beers and why? 

My favorite Braxton beer that is on tap right now is probably Bavarian Select Lager. Favorite of all time is likely Catalyst, our black pepper pilsner.

My favorite Braxton Labs beer is the Cucumber Wit. It’s hard to add vegetables to a beer and get that balance right, but I think we have done that here.

Q: Why do you think you will win? 

I’m the best? Maybe? I don’t know, maybe it won’t be me.

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