Kickback & Enjoy Braxton’s New Ciders

Our Brewmaster, Richard Dubé, has been in the brewing industry for over 35 years. In that time, he’s learned a lot about brewing beer. Now, he takes great pride in teaching others about the brewing process and everything that he has learned during his time in the industry.

This passion extends beyond just beer.Richard was also involved in cider projects during his time at Boston Beer Company. Now, Richard has brought this love for drinking cider, making cider and teaching to Braxton Brewing Company.

Since before we opened in 2015, we have been studying, tinkering and experimenting with cider. Now, three years later, we’re thrilled to introduce two ciders that we’re proud to pour for you. Kickback Hard Apple Cider and Kicback Rosé Cider. These two projects will be hitting draft lines throughout our distribution network and remain on tap in our taproom.

Picked from the farm and perfected in the garage, these ciders are made with crisp McIntosh apples for a refreshing and subtle tartness. Both are slightly sweet with fresh cut apple aroma and taste. Kickback Rosé offers an extra layer of aroma and flavor in a bright, beautiful pink hue. A nice tartness adds even more drinkability to the Kickback Cider base.

So, Kickback and enjoy these two new ciders!