Haven: Store Upside Down. Enjoy Right Side Up.

Our newest can offering, Haven, is Braxton’s take on the traditional German wheat beer known as a hefeweizen. Hefeweizens are known for their unique flavors, consisting of some balance between banana and clove (a naturally occurring side effect of fermentation), and their full body.

Much of this body comes as a result of leaving yeast in suspension…which is achieved by using a yeast with low flocculation, and not filtering the beer after fermentation. This ensures that what we package, whether it be in a keg or can, is a sufficiently cloudy, yeasty, full beer which is exactly what you want in this style. And trust us, it’s delicious.

When the beer is kegged, we will store them upside down after filling. They are stored in our cold box, at the distributor’s warehouse, and hopefully at bars and restaurants in this manner until they are ready to be tapped and served. At that point they are turned right side up and tapped. The process of inverting the keg causes any yeast that has settled out during transport and storage to get resuspended, making the beer as cloudy and full again as we originally intended when we made it.

The can’s description reads:

Like this Hefeweizen, may your Haven be unfiltered and full of life. Turn it up and enjoy the moment. Haven showcases yeast driven flavors and aromas, known for its banana and clove characteristics. A medium bodied, full flavored and easy drinking unfiltered wheat beer, this hefe should be stored upside down until it’s time to lift one to life.”

Those who are familiar with drinking bottled hefeweizen know that the best way to serve this beer is to pour ½ to ¾ of it into a glass, swirl the beer that remains in the bottle to re-suspend the yeast, then pour that remainder into the glass as well. You are welcome to serve our cans of Haven this way (or however you want for that matter), but the beauty of having this product in a can is that you can treat it just like we treat our kegs of Haven at the brewery…store them upside down in your refrigerator, flip them over when you are ready to drink, and have at it! No swirling necessary.