Get to Know: Richard Dubé,
Co-Founder and Brewmaster

Meet Richard Dube from Braxton Brewing Company on Vimeo.

Throughout the week we have been introducing you to the individuals helping brew Braxton’s beer. Each day, we have introduced one team member and prompted them with the same discussion topics. We hope you have enjoyed the behind-the-scenes look at our team!

Today, we introduce Richard Dubé who we think is the most interesting brewer in the world. Bringing 35+ years of experience, an extraordinary amount of wisdom, and his French-Canadian charm, we’re happy to call him Co-Founder and Brewmaster. Get to know him a little better here. Enjoy…

Why Braxton?

It was truly the opportunity of a lifetime. Not only for working with honest, passionate and dedicated people, but also for being able to design, install and operate the system of my dreams.

When did you fall in love with craft beer? 

I have been trained by the “big guys,” and never been engaged in homebrewing. Even after joining, who some consider one of the true fathers of the craft beer revolution, I remained facetious about all those additions of specialty malts and hops. It took me awhile to appreciate and enjoy the fruits of being able to “play with the entire spices rack.” So to answer, when I finally saw the light: mid 90’s.

What’s your previous experience?

Molson, Labatt/Budweiser in various production and QA positions in Canada. Then Boston Beer Company (Sam Adams), Moerlein Lager House and finally Christian Moerlein Brewing, as VP Brewing here in the States.

What’s your favorite style of craft beer? 

Unfair question since I really drink based on weather, my mood, and what I eat. This being said, I love a good balanced Pale Ale, but also a beautiful, delicate Flanders red.

What is your favorite craft beer? 

Gumball Head and Duchesse de Bourgogne

Do you have a favorite quote? 

“Carpe Diem” (Seize the Day) which goes hand-in-hand with the Braxton motto: “Lift one to Life”

What are some of your hobbies other than brewing?

I like trail running, hiking and biking.

What part of Braxton are you most looking forward to? 

Hands-on brewing and mentoring.

Do you have a fun fact or story you could share with everyone? 

For someone who claims being scientifically inclined, I am not too proud of this one, but now, revisiting the incident, it is pretty funny. The goal was to concentrate the alcohol of an experimental beer by removing some of the water. Freezing was the only approach we could think of, but how could we do it? The glycol system was not cold enough. What about filling an Hoff-Stevens keg with dry ice, bung it, and throw it in the cylindro-conical fermenter? Great idea. We executed the plan and left for the day. When I returned the next morning, I noticed the glycol lines kind of crooked. The experimental tank had MOVED. My scientific explanation goes like this: as the dry ice sublimed (converting from solid to gas without the liquid phase), the pressure in the keg build-up to the point that it exploded and got propelled like a rocket towards the top of the fermenter. The force applied under the dome pushed the tank upward, breaking 12 of the 16 anchors and effectively moving it a few inches. Nobody was hurt, but repairs were costly to say the least. Oh and the beer did not freeze….


That concludes our “Meet the Brewers” series. Did you meet our other brewers from earlier in the week?