Flip Out! Haven Hefeweizen Returns to Cans!

Braxton Brewing Company is bringing Haven back to cans as its spring seasonal! The easy drinking unfiltered German Wheat beer features all the famous notes of a classic hefeweizen with yeast driven clove and banana characteristics. The 6-packs of 12 oz. cans are available now throughout the company’s distribution network. The cans will be released in the brewery’s Covington taproom Friday, April 5th.


Haven Hefeweizen was one of Braxton Brewing’s most popular seasonals in 2017. Now, in 2018, the beer will be available for even longer in Braxton’s portfolio. The 5.2% ABV beer features a can design with “HAVEN” spelled upside down. This is to encourage consumers to store the beer upside down. This method of storage is preferred with unfiltered Hefeweizens. As the can reads, “this hefe should be stored upside down until it’s time to lift one to life.” You can read more about this traditional storage technique from Braxton’s Head of Edcuation here.

Those who are familiar with drinking bottled hefeweizen know that the best way to serve this style of beer is to pour ½ to ¾ of it into a glass, swirl the beer that remains in the bottle to re-suspend the yeast, then pour that remainder into the glass as well. You are welcome to serve our cans of Haven this way, but the beauty of having this product in a can is that you can treat it just like Hefeweizen kegs are traditionally treated…store them upside down in your refrigerator, flip them over when you are ready to drink, and have at it! No swirling necessary.

This easy drinking, medium bodied and full flavored wheat beer is perfect for the Spring and Summer months. Find your Haven and lift one to life!