Cans for the Cure!
The Cure Starts Now

On Saturday, September 9th, Braxton Brewing Company will be releasing Graeter’s Blueberry Pie Brown Ale in cans. This delicious beer is based off of Graeter’s popular ice cream — Elena’s Blueberry Pie. More than just an ice cream flavor, this project has a cause. Partnering with The Cure Starts Now, Graeter’s and Braxton Brewing Company are helping raise money and spread the word about this organization’s mission to find the cure for pediatric brain cancer.


Braxton Brewing Company will donate a portion of proceeds to this cause hoping to total more than $10,000. You can support the cause by purchasing the product and donating in the taproom. In our Covington taproom, we will be selling Elena’s Blueberry Pie Ice Cream Pints (while supplies last) and accepting donations. Any donation of $5 or greater will receive a Graeter’s coupon book with value of $20!

Let’s lift one to life! To learn more about this amazing cause, we sat down with their Co-Founder and Chairman Keith Desserich for a Q&A.

Q: What is the genesis of The Cure Starts Now? 
It came from the ending of this thing called a “blog” that just came out 10 years ago.  In it I wrote about the need for a “homerun cure” strategy to fight cancer and ended it with the words “the cure starts now”.  Had I known it would be the name of a charity movement I probably would have chosen a shorter phrase – that way my email address would have been shorter.

Q: What impact has The Cure Starts Now had on cancer research? 
It doesn’t take billions of dollars to cure cancer, just millions and a ton of strategy.  That’s what Cure Starts Now does differently.  We focus on those cure innovations that are sometimes risky but have big gains.  The result is that even in our short time we’ve already revolutionized the cancer research world with discoveries about histones, new delivery methods through convention enhanced techniques and even advances with blood testing for cancer.

Q: What are you most proud of in The Cure Starts Now’s history? 
I’m most proud of our community of chapters that represent different children in the fight around the world.  We started in Cincinnati and today have over 31 locations around the world, all helping in the homerun cure.

Q: How has calling Greater Cincinnati home helped The Cure Starts Now? 
Cincinnati is a giving community – so much so that it’s more like a big family.  We care about each other and we draw inspiration from helping others.

Q: How did Graeter’s get involved with The Cure Starts Now? 
As a family business, Graeter’s set out to create the ideal wish for one of our events: the chance to make your own flavor of ice cream.  The Groteke family won this wish and blueberry pie was born.  We just never knew how addictive the flavor would become and how passionate people were about Elena and the cause!

Q: And now craft beer? What did you first think when you heard about this opportunity?
I don’t think any father envisions a beer named after his daughter.  Still, in this case it is named after the cause and that I can get behind!  And yes, I love the creation!

Q: What’s your favorite Graeter’s Flavor? 
Really, do you need to ask?  You do know I’m Elena’s father, right?

Q: Do you have a favorite beer? 
Absolutely – it only helps that it benefits the cause.  Come on, other charities make you run to raise money for research – we like to keep it easy.

Q: What’s it like to see fellow Greater Cincinnati (and beyond) Companies create products specifically to help find the “Homerun Cure”? 
As a fellow entrepreneur, I love to see what I call “charitable entrepreneurism”.  This is when we create something new that is unique both to the charity theme and to the company.  This is when it gets truly interesting.

Q: Beyond purchasing Elena’s Blueberry Pie Ice Cream and Braxton’s Blueberry Pie Brown Ale, what’s the best way to support The Cure Starts Now? 
Follow our Facebook and Twitter sites and make a donation!  100% of your straight donation after credit card fees goes to research only.  You can’t find a more pure way to support cancer research!

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