Braxton Hits Home Run, Cans 1957

There’s two things Cincinnati loves — beer and baseball. Braxton Brewing Company is excited to celebrate both in 2017. Beginning next week, the Covington-based brewery will can 1957 English Style Mild Ale to celebrate the baseball season.  

Join the can release and tapping party here.

“Growing up in Greater Cincinnati, cheering on the Reds has always been a fundamental part to our summers,” said Jake Rouse, Braxton Brewing Company’s Co-Founder and CEO. “When the opportunity came around for us to create a beer for the All Star Game in 2015, we wanted something unique – thus 1957 was created to perfectly pair with America’s favorite baseball snack – Cracker Jacks. We put this unique offering in cans, so you can root root root for the home team this summer!”

1957 was first brewed by Braxton Brewing Company in 2015 to celebrate the Queen City playing host to the All-Star Game. It’s been one of the brewery’s most popular limited releases. With a faint nuttiness and light, sweet caramel notes, it’s reminiscent of America’s favorite baseball snack.

“Designing this recipe for the All-Star Game was a fun and exciting process. To see it finally hit cans this year in time for Opening Day is even more exciting,” said Evan Rouse, Braxton Brewing Company’s Co-Founder & COO. “Going to Reds games with friends and family and eating cracker jacks is a favorite past time of ours, and this beer celebrates just that.”

In 1957, the Cincinnati Reds fans stuffed the All-Star Game ballot box voting their own players into all eight, non-pitcher starting positions. Legend has it that bartenders wouldn’t serve you until you filled out a ballot … or two. We’re proud to serve our All-Star Ale in the same passionate city this year.

The can’s description reads:

“There’s two things Cincinnati loves. Beer and Baseball. 1957 is a one of a kind beer. Utilizing specialty malts, this English Style Mild features a unique nuttiness and caramel-like sweetness that’s intended to remind you of America’s favorite ballpark snack. A faint hop presence to balance the light malt body makes this a great summer time, ‘take-me-out-to-the-ball-game’ beer.”

Cans will be available in Kroger beginning on March 22nd. You can try the beer on tap at select preview events at Buckhead Mountain Grill, Coach’s Corner, and Amerasia. The beer will be tapped and cans released in the taproom on March 31st. While supplies last, they’ll be served with Cracker Jack boxes.

Join the can release and tapping party here.

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