Beta Test at The Growler House

Our Beta program has been where we get to experiment with our brewers’ favorite ingredient — hops. This line of experimental IPA’s allows us to create, iterate and tinker with the traditional IPA style.

On January 11th, you’ll get to try Beta 1.0, Beta 2.0 and Beta 4.0 side-by-side. And, we’ll have one more brand new TBA IPA. Join the event on Facebook to stay in-the-know. Read more about each Beta Experimental IPA below:

  • Beta 1.0: 1.0 features Mosaic, Citra and Equinox. These hops feature tropical, citrus and floral notes.
  • Beta 2.0: This beer is overflowing with tropical hop goodness. Falconer’s Flight & Galaxy hops impart notes of pineapple and grapefruit. Brewed with pale and wheat malts for a crisp and dry finish.
  • Beta 4.0: A drier, more sessionable take on the American IPA style. Floral notes in the aroma (from the Centennial) are prominent, while the flavor is more reminiscent of bright citrus from the addition of Citra and Chinook. The bitterness is crisp and does not linger.