2015 Dark Charge Tasting Notes:
1 Year

The day before we release 2016 Dark Charge, we thought we’d break into the cellar and try Dark Charge 2015. The 2015 Dark Charge variants will be on tap at our Winter Block Party next to their 2016 counterparts. It will be, perhaps, the only time you’ll ever be able to try these side-by-side “in the wild.”

You can learn more about the Winter Block Party and see when these beers will be on tap here. 

Below are the 2015 Tasting Notes as compiled by our brewing team. Enjoy!

  • 2015 Dark Charge Imperial Stout:
    • Notes of dark fruit and caramel sweetness characterize this beer now. Roasty/chocolate/coffee notes are there, but less prominent than 3 months ago. The alcohol warmth from this big beer has become more well-rounded.
    • Brewer Recommendation: It is great now, but if you prefer to let the roast flavor age out, can wait with no ill effects.


  • 2015 Dark Charge Bourbon Barrel-Aged:
    • Vanilla and toasted oak character from the barrel add complexity and balance to the toffee/molasses notes from the base beer.
    • Brewer Recommendation: Opinions split on this one. Half said drink now, half said more cellaring couldn’t hurt.


  • 2015 Dark Charge Bourbon Barrel-Aged with Vanilla:
    • The vanilla aroma and flavor are showing no signs of fading over time. The combination of vanilla with the syrupy sweetness of the beer reminds one of vanilla ice cream. Light toast character from the oak barrels is just enough to add complexity.
    • Brewer Recommendation: This beer is absolutely fantastic, and shows no signs of degradation. Continue to age as long as your patience will allow.


  • 2015 Dark Charge Bourbon Barrel-Aged with Starter Coffee:
    • The dark-roasted coffee notes that used to dominate this beer are all but gone. They are replaced by the characteristics of unroasted coffee beans (green pepper, fruity, acidic).
    • Brewer Recommendation: Drink now, aging will only intensify these coffee green bean characteristics. If you have a time machine, go back 3 months and drink it then.