1957: A Tribute to Cincinnati’s Fans

The Cincinnati Redlegs went a rather unremarkable 80-74. They finished in 4th place in the National League, 15 games back of the eventual World Series Champion Milwaukee Braves. There was no pennant; no playoffs. There were no hall of fame players on the roster; not one who finished in the franchise’s top 10 of home runs, hits, or batting average.

But the 1957 Cincinnati Redlegs did have something remarkable that season: overwhelming support from this great city. The most incredible, passionate fans in the country stuffed the All Star ballots with so many votes for Redleg players that all 8 positions on the National League’s team were Cincinnati players — at least until commissioner Frick stepped in and gave two of the eight spots to other players.

Here at Braxton we want to celebrate our city, our team, and our people.The passion and pride we see every day in our hometown is unmatched. So we are proud to re-introduce our english mild ale, 1957, as a tribute to the great people of Cincinnati. Originally a very limited draft release during 2015’s All Star week, it’s back this year in six packs!

1957 is an english mild ale, a style that originates in the early 1900s. At 4% ABV, it packs tons of flavor! Notes of caramel, toasted malts, and toffee round out a bold profile. We want you to enjoy this season like the fans 60 years ago. So pick up a six pack of 1957, Cracker Jacks and root root root for the home team!